My Home Town:
Ilion, New York
Acknowledgements and Thanx to:
Aileen Carney Sweeney, who maintains a great IHS Alumni Website (see link on main page);
Terry Sweeney, a member of the Class of '64, who collects and maintains a Large collection of post cards of Ilion and the area;
and to Tim Watson, also a Class of '64 alumnus;
for the following pics.
My Elementary School (now apartment bldg)
Tow path to High School (In background)
Capital Theater (torn down for urban renewal in early 80's)
Buckminster's Jewelers
Mamie - our friendly fire dog
Griffith's Pharmacy (we had Horton's Pharmacy on my side of town) (remember cherry or vanilla sodas?)
Members of Class of '64 - 35th reunion (me in upper right)
Main Street - 1962
The overhead walkways connect the Remington Rand bldg (left)
to the Remington Arms bldg (right).  Remington Rand (formerly
Remington Typewriter) became Univac.  When Univac moved out
of town Remington Arms took over all the buildings.
(Note: Urban renewal in the 80's destroyed most all of this scene
except for the Remington buildings - a damn shame.)