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My name is Rich, aka, Lobo.

I'm a retired Navy Chief Corpsman (FMF) who
served my country in the
Navy Hospital Corps
from 2/66 - 7/88.  I spent 2 tours of duty with the
U.S. Marine Corps - great duty!

I was born and raised in Upstate
New York.  I
joined the Navy in April of 1988 and as "they" say:

  "Join The Navy and See The World" (I did)
"It's Not Just A Job, It's An Adventure" (It was)

When I retired in '88 I moved to middle Georgia
and worked for the State Of Georgia for the next
10 years, living in the Antebellum Capital of
Georgia -

Finally, after 32 years of absence from "home" I
decided to move back to my "roots" and thus
moved back to
Upstate NY.  I settled near my
aunt & uncle's farm and currently work at
Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, NY.

My favorite activity is motorcycling.  I began
riding when I was 15 and have logged over 300,000
miles in the saddle since then.  I've owned and/or
ridden Beemers, BSAs, Hondas, Kawasakis,
Suzukis, Triumphs, and Yamahas.  Then in 1987 I
bought my first Harley-Davidson.  And I've been
ridin' one ever since.  Like they say:
"Things ARE different on a Harley!"
I've owned four Harleys (all Electraglides).  I  
currently do not have an "iron horse" but am
hoping to rectify that soon.

My best ride ever was a 7,000 mile cross-country
trip in '86, from 29 Palms, CA to Orlando, FL - via
22 states and Canada (Toronto).  I was being
transferred from 3rd Tank Battatlion, 7th MAB,
27th Marine Regiment at
29 Palms to Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, FL.  So
good 'ole Uncle Sam paid all the expenses while
giving me 44 days to complete the trip.  A Great
spiritual ride.

I have five children who are all grown.  My oldest
daughter lives near Tampa, FL with her husband
and children.  My son works in the computer
industry for a company based in central Florida.  I
have another married daughter who, along with her
husband (who works for Siemens Corp.) is now
back from Australia and heading for a year in
South Africa.   My next to youngest lives in
Boston and is pursing endeavors in sociology, and
my youngest daughter has graduated college as
      I am extremely proud of all of them!

Well, that's about it.  I hope you will visit my other
pages and maybe check out some of the links I've
included to other web sites.

Have a great day!
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